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Shipping & Returns

Quarterly angel.

Exported in the place where they decided to weight / weight. Please contact us for price evaluation. European Community costs, depending on the target and shield numbers place. Contact us to discuss.

Order Processing Time
All orders are sent by regular Tuesday and Friday (excluding weekends and holidays) 12.00 the previous day. After the time sent to the next working day. After payment of the bank on the basis of real glory. It is an example, he said, it is possible to change the height and / or holidays.

Delivery time
Depending on the panel within 5-10 days. European and international light transport, road transport (transport): Italy and non-EU countries. Delivery time is up to you, and up to three to five days.

Important tips:
It is very important to define the purpose of speaking quickly. E Congress, it is important to provide a new address, the number of ...

Incomplete or incorrect and / or lengthy negotiations next entiatchamber.org address. For incomplete or incorrect address for a customer case price. Any delay in delivery, the technique is still the responsibility of the Valley Conference. If someone for the right to claim that in the near future buyer price.